Plant-based burgers

Anyone tried those plant-based burgers yet? Just had a Whopper and it was absolutely fine. Can’t see myself ordering regular burgers again if the veggie witchcraft version is available.

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Wife has eaten every one available.

She likes kfc these days.

I’ve had an impossible burger in the states. Was quite nice. Not really convinced for need of a meat substitute as such, I’d like to know how energy intensive the processing is etc.

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I’ve tried the Whopper and its okay. Apparently massive mega corp McDonalds have just twigged onto this and are about to launch their own.

The supermarkets are increasingly full of vegan voodoo as they chase that particular market segment, and having tried a few I have to say they’re much better than anything I’ve had from the fast food burger chains.

This one goes down very well with the carnivores -


“dreamy cheese alternative pockets”

I could, if I had to go vegetarian. BUT DONT TAKE MY CHEESE

Normally I like my veg to look like veg - bean burger, beetroot burger - but those look nice.

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In all the bollocks and air time vegans have gotten everyone of late seems to have forgotten vegetarians, you know the ones that eat dairy and cheese etc, and make up about 10% of the adult population as against the noisy bunch that don’t who make up c 1%.

Meat eaters have continually asked me ad nauseum for 35 years whether I miss bacon (nup) but the thing I’ll never give up is cheese and in particular haloumi :yum:

Agree, most the time I’ll make my own, or nick ideas from here etc -


These are good and not pretending to be meat.

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Ooh, nice. Cheers.

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Those are nice, quite poky on the chilli side too

3 top tips for making your own veggie burgers -

  1. Chill the damn things for ages
  2. Add an egg to the mix
  3. Use a really good non stick pan/ griddle and careful with the heat

Yup … And avoiding an overly moist mixture , breadcrumbs and/or a little baking powder helps

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I did spaghetti and veggie meatballs tonight. The Vegetarian Butcher Impossiballs, they were, and even Claire liked them. They were obviously not meat, so IMO nicer than the try-too-hard ones.

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I suspect we are heading back to the Arnold Bax burger shack, but fine compared to a Whopper is faint praise. Given that there is a lot of good veg food that isn’t just substitutes of meat stuff I slightly don’t see the point.

Having said that, I did make these

for people recently. They save the planet by a) not being meat and b) setting you up for a massive stroke due to the vast amount of soy sauce used.


I’m actually getting sick of all the processed vegan options available as they are full of loads of crap as well as plants. Better to just eat plants. Making your own has to be the way!

Saying that I do like the beet burger from Frankie and Benny’s.


As others have said, when I want a beef burger alternative I’ll go for a bean burger, or veggie patty. I eat so little meat now that an actual beef burger is a rare and very welcome treat, no substitute needed.
A marinated and grilled portobello mushroom cap makes a decent burger patty as well.

Beetroot recipes always welcome as I have about 50 of the buggers fresh from the veg patch.

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Just made a beetroot and blueberry drink here!

With vodka?