Pork scratchings


It’s a 2l petrol version, pretty basic I imagine.
It’s got sports chrono, but pressing the button makes it more jiggly and hold onto the gears longer… :smiley:

I’m confused as to why people buy sports SUV’s? Sure they tick a lot of boxes, but don’t actually excel at any one thing, do they??:upside_down_face:


My turbo is a comfortable mile muncher. It is taut and quick on the twisties - again not as good as my boxster was but it would never be. Although mine is almost as quick in a straight line as the boxster was.

I think the key here is that the Macan excels in its class - so if an SUV is your choice…It is never going to be anything but an SUV so comparing with other Porsches (although inevitable in my case as its my 3rd Porsche) isn’t really right.

For me in the category of SUVs it excels in most things apart from rear legroom and if it matters to you fuel consumption.

I wonder if yours has the air suspension? Makes a big difference.


I think that there already is one.


So, the main reason for buying a SUV, must surely be that one does a reasonable amount of off-road driving?

I’ve been in a Cayenne at the PEC and it was very impressive how it coped with deep ruts and silly climbing angles…

The Macan is very good at road holding, but changing direction you feel the weight and high cog as you twirl the wheel…

Anyhow it seems that SUV purchasing is somewhat of a heart purchase more than a head one, (unless you off road it of course…:wink:). Imo … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


don’t agree about the off roading at all. Its about driving position, comfort with road holding and sportiness. In our case we needed a 4 seater and more load space than a Boxster could give us. Yes there are loads of conventional vehicles (BMWs/Audi’s/Volvo/Jags that fit the bill.

it had to fit in my garage

Now if you want a specific driving position, that limits the field significantly. If you then want the best in class…Macan it was (it was never going to be a Q5 not still enough, BMWs are horrible, It came close to being an F-Pace, but they appear to have problems and the garage would have been a tight squeeze.

As for as we were concerned - purely a carefully thought out head decision…strangely my heart was telling me that this was the wrong thing to do and that I should be getting another Boxster…


Surely a BMW 530D would have been as quick and a lot nicer to drive.


Apparently it’s about the high driving position, that seems to be what people are looking for…

However, if everyone has SUV’s, and as they’re pretty common now, that seems more to be the case, you’ve lost that visibility advantage, haven’t you??



I bought a 4x4 for the comfort, driving position and practicality of being able to lug stuff about. Driveability and performance, nah - if I want something good to drive I’ll get a different car for that.


I hate BMWs



Ah the anxieties of the insecure.


Indeed. Porsche lover defending Porsche. Who’da thunk it. It’s a bit like Naim…




That is excellent. Really well written. As a non-porsche driver I actually enjoyed reading it.



Seems pretty accurate… lol.


Very tempted by this - I prefer the contrasting cream interior to the black.


Nice colour Wayne :+1:


Golly, that’s a lot of money.


It’s not a 911


Correct. Don’t want one :kissing:

Not a fan of the current 911.