Pork scratchings


My car has sat nav and dab,could probably do a similar price on mine if you want


I agree its a potential investment opportunity, but I wouldn’t want you to part with it for a price you’re not happy with.

Perhaps if business is particularly good next year and there are tax breaks on classics like the Astra then I might be tempted, but to be honest I think its out of reach for me which is why I’ve lowered my expectations to toy Porkers.


Just pop a few amphetamines. It’ll feel nearly as quick as an Astra.:+1:


No probs,you’d probably struggle meeting the insurance on mine as well




Glad of mention of another marque, this still seems the most likely thread for interest for this.
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You can just see the 308 I had a brief lift in yesterday at 40 secs (B1 JUE). Shame the haar was down.

Don’t V8’s make their own music?

Never really thought of caravans and Ferraris paired before. :grinning:



Haha, that’s spot on!


today a few months after taking delivery, I arrive home to a card from the RM. I am mystified as I haven’t ordered anything. But on collection, it is the odd Porsche Pylon to “celebrate ownership”

2017-05-18_08-10-57 by uh_simon, on Flickr





It’s a butt plug…:dizzy_face:


How about this configurator for a Porsche designed yacht!


I got mine to 14.5 million. It could have been more, but I decided not to add the Karaoke system or the multi coloured LED lighting system. I was disappointed that I could only spec 1 jetski. I got the matching hybrid Panamera though…


I think the crockery set for €315,000 is an absolute bargain!


You and me we’re the same :thumbsup:


Yes, it makes the 45k bed linen look almost like a free gift.


I’ve thought about it, but the 18 month wait has put me off


I went for the GTT 130 model. Don’t see the point in being tight with the cash when it comes to ones yacht. I shall look down and laugh at you lot in your GTT115 dinghies… Just over 16 mill once specced.


I got that down by offering £1.5m extra in Amazon vouchers