Pork scratchings


Most of us went by about 12:30 ish, we’d been there since 9:00, sorry to have you missed you…


No worries, we were a bit late… Still good, though! lots of pork.




Feck. :unamused:


Hopefully just a new battery?


Possibly… fingers crossed.


Wouldn’t have happened if you had a sporty type Audi.


Funnily enough, that had a new alternator not too long before you acquired it!


Shit, that’s bad luck, got any warranty/breakdown cover?


No warranty, but do have breakdown cover. Hopefully it’s nothing serious, we shall see!


You’re welcome to borrow the Audi if you need to get somewhere Pete. I can get it over to you.

You’ll need to take it easy until you get re-acquainted with the power though.


Plenty of 911 alternators on ebay, not ruinously expensive either, and I bet if it’s accessible, you’d be able to change it yourself.

Check the belt is tight first…


Thanks Mike, I do have a second car, so no issue there. Getting home is the immediate problem, though 19th that to should be ok as long as the battery holds out.


Trailer pork.

Not charging and didn’t want to risk a 100 mile journey.




Shit, really ? Not good to hear.


It’s only money…


Yeah, what the hell !


I’ve a friend who’s a boxer driver, he recently replaced the alternator. It came from a specialist (in Brighton I believe?) who gave him good and next day service. I’ll see him in the morning if you need more details?


Should be ok, there’s a good Indy in St Albans. Thank you for the offer, though. :+1:

Just got home after risking driving the last 40 miles as AA were struggling to get me back. Battery is pretty flat now.