Pork scratchings


Surprised you can’t knock something together from your stash of bits. Can’t you use some Voyd and AN bits. :grin:


…and I didn’t go anywhere near it


Cockpit view of a lap of Le Mans in the winning porker.


all four of the parking cameras on the Macan packed up yesterday. Weren’t working this morning when I left the house, or dropped Louise off at the station.

But of course…got to the dealer, and the buggers woke up and worked perfectly and the system hadn’t thrown any codes from the controller…


They’re trolling you!


This is the kind on shit that happens when you cut corners and decide on the cheap option. If you had simply decided on an Astra in the first place, none of this would have been an issue.


I reckon it the wrong kind of Porsche heat.

In fact it is just the wrong kind of heat…Yesterday afternoon we were sitting in the garden looking for shade, listening to some music courtesy of the Kitchen system…when the UnitiQute decided to freak out and randomly change its volume - it is like it was haunted by a poltergeist. Switched it off and let it cool down, and it behaved as normal…

I can’t have a Porsche and a Naim freak out on the same day…


You know what they say…

If you can’t stand the heat… etc… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


mind you I did spend yesterday morning at a cemetery


you could maybe use those two proximity sensors mounted in the front of your head, just above your nose :stuck_out_tongue:


worth a look.


That 991 4S of yours is very nice!


Not for sale mate; but glad you liked it.
The later ones are more “refined” in terms of cabin/noise comfort etc , which was something I was looking for.
I was very happy to see you at Jim’s.


Yes, good to catch up!


Loads of classic Porsches parked outside Smithfield market when I walked past on Saturday evening.

I guessed some kind of owners club meet.

Anyone local present?


probably the R20 (region 20) east London Meet. AKA as the "Smithfield ‘Meat’ "

here: https://www.porscheclubgb.com/regions-registers/regions/south-east/london/events/2016/july/r20-london-monthly-meet-smithfiled-meat

When I had my Boxster we went a couple of times.


Made a big mistake yesterday. Downloaded the Autotrader app. Now I can’t stop looking at Panameras


Nice, always thought these were hybrids?

Buy the mezzos :smiley:


Neighbour has one. He is probably due a new one. I will ask, when I next see him.


Quite a few different drive-train options including hybrids IIRC. Fairly sure there at least a couple of pure petrolhead options.