Pork scratchings


The ulitmate sleeper.


Balls. I don’t know whether to be chuffed or sad. Years I had waited for a drive in a Beetle, and also an Astra. So I have ticked one off the bucket list, but not the one I was expecting. I thought the Vauxhall badge on the steering wheel was just a bit of fun…


911 paint


911 gyeon 4


My current 911 and my old Boxster.


Same colour as mine! (The 997, I mean)


For your bonnet for the short sighted.



Was going to wash my 911 but the weather turned quite nasty, so left it for now.


washed my 911 and then went for a spin.


not literally I hope :grimacing:


It’s what 911s do. :smile:


If only they hadn’t put the engine in the wrong place :stuck_out_tongue:




There’s a forum about washing cars :rofl: It is actually quite useful in terms of technique and product recommendation. It’s not so useful for OCD.



Mmmmmmm, a entire forum dedicated to car washing with 95,000 members :weary:


They always drive better after a wash. It can’t just be expectation bias. :neutral_face:


I charged the battery on mine this weekend. Then it rained.


There’s a thread buried somewhere on that forum which went viral a few years back. It’s about a guy who bought a brand new white Astra VXR and when he got it home he stripped it absolutely bare to detail it. He even detailed under the carpets and went nuts when he found marker pen had been used on the floorpan, probably to mark the routing for the loom or something. He had a proper rant about it, accusing Vauxhall of vandalism. The thread ran for a couple of hundred pages iirc. He was proper OCD, almost religious in his devotion to washing and waxing.


That detailing world forum is a massive can of worms. I have an account and have read sections on DAs, but even as a self confessed amateur car detailer is just too much to deal with. Pleased to say my post count there is zero.

If you’re really keen there’s an annual detailing show…https://www.waxstock.com


A battery seems to last 3 years. The 997 seems to eat batteries. I had a new one in Dec (free under the Bosch 5yr guarantee). Good job I didn’t buy a Porsche one as they only have a 3yr guarantee and it was 3.5 yrs old.