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We all know that forums atttact weirdos.


Interesting, mine seems ok so far. I did need a new alternator last year. :weary:


I’m on my third battery in the 6 years I’ve had the car. I’d never bought a battery before having The 911. The wiring loom between the battery and alternator can also fail. Pig of a job if that goes.

I’ve had 4 electric window mechanisms over the last 10 years of Porsche ownership. £200 a pop.

It’s a good job they’re such amazing cars.


Are you early-battery-failure boys using decent-quality battery conditioners when the cars are unused? 'cos it’s hard to think why they’d go so soon otherwise.


I do have a CTek charger, which are considered to be excellent.

Not had the car long enough to make any statement on battery life, though.


Mines a daily driver. Up until recently I was doing Cardiff to Bristol twice a week so not all short journeys. I don’t put it on trickle charge when on hols. My mechanic told me they usually last about 3 yrs on a 997 (He’s been a Porsche mechanic for 30yrs so knows his onions.


Yes, just put them on a trickle charger, mines still going strong after 7 years! :grinning:


now I thought that website was for something else


Seems an inexplicably short time for any battery to last, not least one in regular use.

Shortest I’ve ever had one last is 5 years, longest is in its 13th year and the car it’s in is now with a mate in chilly North Britain.


Maybe it’s specific to the Porsche ones? (Not sure who actually makes them) I think mine has a Varta.


longest Ive left one of mine without using it or starting it was about 3 weeks with the Boxster - never had a problem with the battery,


Deleted as it only works for people with Australian accents. :confounded:


Eh? WTF are you fuckin goin on abaht now? :thinking:


Well, V in German is pronounced as F, so Farta :smile:


I asked Jackie if the battery in her car was a Varta. She thought I was being rude.


I’m just back from a 2 hour spin. Took the car up to the Llangynydir mountain road on the edge of Powys. A dry winter day is best as there aren’t any sheep wandering on the road.


New GT3RS does a 6:56 lap of the Nordschleife.

Fecking mental!

@Calmdown have you ordered one yet?


Shit a brick, that’s fairly on the limit!


I could draw a map of the Nurburgring that fast.


Yeah, he’s driving it like you would a knackered old golf!