Pork scratchings


Amazing that a human being can control something that fast and powerful on the limit for 13miles without fucking it up. Utterly bonkers.


True but even better are those who can do the same on French Autoroutes :+1:


Still no Astra though :confused:


Saga’s motor up for grabs.



You going to have a punt?


I reckon it’ll go a fair bit higher than their estimate.


AA time share Porsche? Month a year? :grinning:


Idea of the year!


Colour scheme is poo…:grimacing:


Agree. Albeit it’s a bit tatty and probably needs a load spending on it, I would expect it to be worth quite a bit more.

There’s also the auction fees, which are quite steep.

Would be a cool car to own, though.


Fuck - there’s some special cars there.


Best not to look…


I did. And now I’m sad


If we put in £100 each we could get the token AA rx8.

The cost will be having it towed from house to house.


There’s just no stopping your blue sky thinking today!


Just in case anyone is in need / interested for their 997, I have available a pair of Meyle front coffin arms, a pair of Febi anti roll bars and a set of Meyle inner tie rods with gators, all surplus to requirements and about half of the usual price.


Coffin arms? :kissing_heart:


My apprenticeship continues. They are lower suspension arms (shaped slightly like a coffin).


I saw one of these this morning. In Wales.


It’s the fucking end times.


Ah, the rare short wheelbase Panamera.