Pork scratchings


He hasn’t got a dog. :wink:


That is his loss.


I have really wanted a Tesla for some time, but haven’t been able to afford a Model S. Now, even if I could afford one, I wouldn’t get one.

Would you really buy from Tesla, with all the bugs you’re likely to get and little things that will go wrong (kinda like a TVR?), rather than get a Porsche, which will be more reliable, comfortable and just simply better?

Tesla is teaching the end of its honeymoon period with investors, which is being put down to Musk and his marketing-heavy approach, but what will really destroy them is companies like Porsche bringing out vehicles that are simply better than theirs.



Shut up and Taycan my money, amirite?


If it’s available in brown it could be a schokolade Tekanne


First report of a Tesla fire I’ve seen, at least it didn’t blow like a petrol tank


Essence of fugly…WTF are the wheels about for a start?

Something so hideous can only come with the most comedic of price tags…


I do hope that it’s some incredibly clever system whereby air is sucked in through them to cool down the motor and/or battery. Or that you can change them…

Apart from that I quite like it.


It will be twice as expensive as the Tesla and have loads of issues, as it’s Porsche. Most of it will come from VW parts dressed up and charging 3 times the price.


apparently a base price of about £60k-£70k, Tesla S starts at £55k


Agreed, but it’ll drive like a race car.


And that’s a good thing?


I like it.

It won’t be competition for Tesla, as I can’t see Tesla surviving that long.


Of course!

What I mean is it’ll handle and steer well. Unlike most cars which drive like sofas. It makes driving more pleasurable.


Peppa Porsche won its class in Le Mans.


Was Peppa driving.


Peppa Pig?



Shitting hell that’s some seriously impressive lap times, both for the Nordschleife and Spa. To clock in quicker than last year’s F1 pole time is just bonkers.