Pork scratchings


It would be easier to take all the money in one’s bank account, put it in a metal bin outside and chuck petrol & match on it…


But that wouldn’t have a V8 in it.


Collecting it tomorrow :smiley:


Looks clean and tidy to me. All the tyres seem to match. All the MOTs is a good sign.

I’m guessing the interior is poor.


Weren’t those cayenne’s 60k just a few years ago?


Will it work as a works van? :smiley:


I’m happy for the World to know I love Prog but I wouldn’t want to be seen driving a Cayenne.


Sadly not unless it can get lathes, milling machines and a reggae sound system in the boot


Pretty sure the seats fold, lol :joy:


What if I listen to prog in the Cayenne.


I don’t think that’s ever been done before.


You get dragged out in the 'hood and beaten with a pipe.


Nope. Somebody might see me.


If I was forced to drive a Cayenne, I’d let them.


You wouldn’t need a Cayenne, just play that shit music of yours.


Nice of you to allow your bile to redirect the thread away from it’s core. Namely cars.

Well done. Carry on.


Leading threads off topic would be part of the forum ethos, which we don’t have because they’re for cunts.

As would never missing an opportunity to kick your music taste in the fanny.




I like prog. It’s not my favourite genre but it has a place.