Pork scratchings


Nice spec - same steering wheel paddles as mine…Sports Chrono is essential with the PDK box - I have had it on all my Porsches.


Nice one Jim. If you need someone to look after it before the move to Norfolk let me know :wink:


Beautiful car Jim at an amazing price.:sunglasses:

Are you going to get the optional counter rotating alloys for it.:stuck_out_tongue:


Great car Jim - we seriously considered one last time, but it is too big for our garage

Have you tried the launch control? :crazy_face:


You’ve bought the sports car, now buy the essential driving accessory that says that you are the man in control.


Jim, that purchase definitely necessitates a driving holiday to North Wales, Scotland, France or Germany. Somewhere with decent A roads and a lack of other traffic!

I can recommend Bavaria. North Wales is great but there is more traffic than Bavaria.


No, not yet Simon - it’s something I have to look forward to. :heart_eyes:


Driving off with Launch Control
Launch Control allows you to achieve maximum acceleration from standstill.

Endangering Other Road Users

Launch Control is designed to be used in a controlled environment on closed circuit driving courses where no vehicle cross traffic or pedestrian traffic is present.

  • Use Launch Control only if conditions permit it to be applied in a safe manner.
  • Do not use Launch Control if there is a possibility it could endanger other persons.
    Such a possibility exists if you cannot see that you have a clear road with no possibility of cross traffic in your intended direction of driving.

Stress on components increases dramatically when starting with maximum acceleration in comparison with normal driving off.

– Launch Control should only be used when the engine has reached operating temperature.
– “Sport Plus” mode must be switched on (indicator light on the button comes on and SPORT PLUS appears on the
digital speedometer or in the spoke of the steering wheel with shift paddles).

  1. Press the brake with your left foot.
  2. Quickly press the accelerator down fully (kickdown activated) and hold it.

The engine speed will level off at
at around 4,500 rpm on the Panamera ,
at around 5,500 rpm on the Panamera 4

“Launch Control active” appears on the multi-function display.
3. Release the brake within a few seconds.

Remaining stationary for a long time with “Launch Control active” can lead to overloading of the transmission.
To protect the transmission, the engine power is then reduced and the “Launch Control active” process is cancelled.


This forum definitely needs a glove thread.

Peccary FTW.


I should add, I have never used it on any of the Porsches I have owned. Only time I have experienced it was on the track at the Porsche day and on the test drive with the salesman.


These are my driving gloves. I drive a BMW.


Are we about to witness the first Porker with a car blanket and tin of travel sweets?


And a nodding dog.


They’d be good for washing it.


Perhaps an AA trip to The Ring next year…



Jim, you’ll need to park it like this. Keep it straight, no dings in the doors please.


Other suggestions…image




So when does it arrive?

Photos obligatory.