Pork scratchings



I think you’ve confused him as the engine on his is in the right place. The only solution is to have one at each end, a bit like his turntable.


When I saw the pic of the two blue 911s, I thought he was talking about the spoilers. Either way, the inverted saucer/cup “joke” was rubbish :smirk:


if you had the beetle instead of the stretched & pimped Passat you would have got it straight away…



Weald Audio has moved into Porsches.

He’s got a 924 too. Anyone know him?


Yes. Been in the business forever.
He is the brother of Dennis Morecroft, from DNM.


Yes, if he does cars like he does hi-fi I would be extra careful.

I bought a pair of speakers off him once, never again, they were ‘repaired’ so that they would work for a few months then an expensive fail.

Buyer beware.


I didn’t know that, you couldn’t meet two such different people, Dennis is such a nice guy, met him a few times when I owned DNM pre amps, always very helpful.


That sounds like more of an engineering feat than just repairing them. Are you sure they weren’t just repaired in good faith and unfortunately happened to fail, as stuff sometimes does?


Initially I thought that I was unlucky until I took them to the manufacturer and they informed and showed me of what had happened. A bodged repair to two expensive drive units which would fail after use. Two new units later and a £700 bill.

Later two other buyers emailed me, one with ProAc 3.5 speakers which had had fake ProAc units put in after being blown and then they failed and went to a ProAc dealer who spotted the issue.

The other was a AN pre which had been dropped and badly repaired and was not for sale to the public, it was supposed to be scrapped, but somehow got sold. When it failed the new owner took it to an AN dealer and they returned it to AN who scrapped it and gave him a replacement (for a small fee). Good on AN for that.

Every seller has issues sometime with equipment sold, but it’s the way you handle it and also don’t bodge the products up.

Buyer beware.






Cos there’s a meat smoker in the boot




If that’s the final body shape - it’s a lecky panny…:smiley:


But better looking.


Lol, they should be out the front then.


And might look good in the garden:+1: