Pork scratchings


My Volvo lump has 190 BHP through the front wheels so what you lack in handling is made up for in the thrill of torque steer squirming all over the road when you flatten the accelerator and massive understeer around corners :+1:

Seats are comfy though so no no no - no Porker for me [denial mode]


Ace :+1:

Sounds spot on for Jim.


Went to the (once a month) Sunday market in Wanstead this morning. It’s a very residential area where parking is not easy - lots of double yellows. But there are some side streets a short walk away with single yellows (ok on a Sunday) so we headed there.
However I forgot, to get to those streets you have to go though a width restriction with a bollard either side and a sign saying “max width 5’5”. The Panny is over 6 feet wide. :crazy_face: I had to get out, ask the four cars behind me to back up and do a five point turn :blush:


One of my worst nightmares.


That doesn’t bode well for me having one on my drive. Be gutted if it got crossed off the list.


Nothing a decent bricklayer couldn’t sort out :smiley:


:thinking: If only we knew one…


Round by the posh houses eh :+1:
Once saw a 911 wedged in there as the chap driving had managed to enter at an angle.


Time to sell up and get another 320d :rofl:


When we returned after the Turan yesterday, there were no parking spaces outside Pete’s because of the annual Christmas village fete. We had to park a few hundred yards away, down a country lane near the sports ground. When I returned to the Panny later in the evening and got into the car, i noticed there was something dark on the bonnet just in front of the windscreen. It was fluttering slightly in the breeze and thought it was a bundle of twigs/leaves fallen from the overhanging trees.
I got out of the car to remove it and imagine my surprise to discover it was a small knotted black plastic bag containing dog poo. :grimacing:

WTF! :poop:


Could have been worse, they could have smeared it on the door handles and windscreen.


Obvs Herts jealousy is a bit more genteel…:wink:


First of many :smile:


That’s Luton, right there. :smiley:


In Luton they would do that to a Fiat Punto.


I find that remark alarmingly locationist.

We can’t all afford to live in chocolate box cottages in quaint Hertfordshire villages you know ? Some of us live down amongst the real people.

Besides, in Luton, nobody can afford a Fiat Punto.



Prezzy from the Mrs :smiley:


Presumably, being Porsche, the saucers go on top of the cups rather than the right way round?