Pork scratchings


They definitely like being used. I use mine as a daily driver. Mines on 86k now. I have no plans to change it. It is by far and away by a long way the best car I’ve had. I’ve had 6 cyl beemers in the past which were lovely but can’t hold a torch to the 911.

Everything Pete has said is spot on. I switch between Tesco Momentum and Shell Vpower.

They are very hard on batteries. I’ve had to replace mine. I suspect a new alternator on mine wouldn’t hurt (maybe next year).

Front tyres last ages, rears wear fast. Laser alignment by someone who really knows what they’re doing is essential.


It’s a trap, you idiot.


This place gets amazing reviews


If they came with a dash mounted R2R I would sign up now :blush:

(Desperately searches for a gif…)


Pete - what tyres are you using?

Mine came with Bridgestone and I’ve stuck with them. I tried Michellin on the Boxster and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. I’ve had Contis and Pirellis in the past. I found Contis a bit hard and lacking feel. Pirelli give a lot of feel but don’t last very well.


Mine came with Pirelli P-Zero and I didn’t like them all that much - it all felt a bit nervous despite playing with pressures. When I changed, I put Michelin Pilot Super Sports on and they feel like a significant improvement. Not N-rated, only the PS2 are, but they’re an old design now and reading up on it, consensus seemed to be that the MPSS was better than the PS2 regardless of N rating. I would have gone for Pilot Sport 4S, everyone raves about those, but availability was patchy when I was changing and I needed them urgently to pass the imminent MOT. The MPSS feel like they have a more compliant sidewall the the P-Zero, so feel less nervous, but still precise.

To be fair, I’ve alway like Michelin’s on cars (but Pirelli on bikes, go figure).


Those MPSS are very well reviewed.


I thought the Taycan was going to look like this:


The right colour, interior and spec are also pretty important so far as resale is concerned.


Indeed, don’t buy the dreaded Sahara interior.


But green is :ok_hand:


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It’s not an RX-8.


Mind you, there was that genuine 996 I posted which had a green interior, it was reflected in the £11k price. A good buy for someone.




Taking credit for my posts! :scream:

Totally wanted it.


Oh yeah :rofl:


In good news the wife has been using the Porsche to go to work for the last couple of weeks. She came back in the morning and said “I think the Porsche is broken”. Immediately I think that the engines exploded. Nope. The door was merely frozen. She’d slightly torn the seal opening the door and couldn’t close the door as the window was frozen. Some warm tap water fixed it. The tare is minimal and shouldn’t let water in. Replacing the seal would be time consuming as it goes around the front and rear window. Joy.




I think she was panicking hence the over dramatic initial statement. She also said hastily “your not pinning this on me”.

This all follows on from her dropping one of keys and leaving the circuit board bit on Tesco car park floor (She said she was too ill to pick it up) FFS.