Pork scratchings



Mind you, they keys are shit. Gen 2 seem much more robust.


On a side note what I’m thinking of doing is getting maybe a BMW i3 in about 2 years (or equivalent electric car) for daily duties, and then keeping the Porsche for weekends etc.

I looked at 991s again recently. I just can’t see the value in chipping in a further £30k for a pretty similar motor when I love the 997 as is.


I’m pretty wedded to the idea of a dark grey or silver. Had black cars in the past, and think I would get way too anal about cleaning/swirl marks etc.


The 991 is nice, but it’s a lot bigger and also the electric steering is apparently not as good. If I had an extra £30k, I’d be looking at a 997 GTS rather than 991.


It’s nice to be a purist.

Is yours a 2 or a 4? Mine’s a 2.


2S, I test drove a 4S and it was essentially the same, just felt a bit heavier on their front. But decided 2S is likely more fun.

For me a Porsche should be 2WD and normally aspirated. (I get the turbo thing, but I like the purity). Another reason not to go 991 - they’re all turbos, and all it does is spoil throttle response. (You buy the full on nutter bastard turbo for different reasons).


And must be air cooled.


Yup. 2 wheel drive manual is the one for the purist.


Well, yeah, but have you seen the prices!

At least the water cooled ones drive like modern cars.


For yer actual purist:


The more I watch The Bridge, the more I want one of those baby-shit brown ones Saga drives. It’s cool af.


I used to have one of those :joy:


Peak brown Porsche



I think you’ll find that colour is called ‘macadamia’ or something equally pretentious in the Porsche catalogue. For some reason ‘shit brown’ was never offered. :upside_down_face:



Clearly you have researched this. :rofl:


Thy actual car was up for auction a while back.


Cockney Brown.