Pork scratchings


Knowing fuckall about bikes, are there as many suspension adjustments available as there is for a car ?
Maybe the bike wasn’t set up sympathetically :thinking:


Yeah, given a good set of forks and rear shock, they’re pretty much infinitely adjustable.

It was set up fine, although possibly with a track/fast road bias because the guy who owned it was a seriously quick rider.


The very nature of a purely performance set up on a car usually means twitchiness, I can only surmise that it was less to do with the wheels and more about set up.


Maybe, but the owner reckoned the reduced gyroscopic force made a difference too.


Feel. If you like twitchy it’s good. If you don’t…


For racing, being able to turn faster is usually an advantage, but obvs in the road probably just makes then thing feel twitchy and unpleasant. I’m sure you could dial some of it out with ride height / suspension settings


Probably. It was set up for him obviously, I would have had it a little softer for the road.


Have you bought one yet? Come on man, we’re all waiting…


Agreed with my wife (which went smoother than expected) that I would wait until after this years house move and go for one a bit newer/less mileage than why I have been looking at. Expecting closer to £30k.

Having info on expected bills/running costs has helped, turned an emotive choice into something we are planning for financially.

So I have to be patient.


You might even squeeze a Gen 2 3.6 for around £30k. They are close to the Gen 1 3.8 as far as power goes (340 vs 360bhp) but a bit revvier. The Gen 2 engine doesn’t have any major issues afaik, so is less risky.


Important to know, thank you.

Big part of the discussion was ensuring I could get a decent one that would be a longer term investment (if a car can ever be such a thing).

Compared to a PCP on a decent new car the figures don’t look quite so ridiculous, factoring in that depreciation will be pretty slow on the 911.

Can’t help but think Victoria (my wife) is being so agreeable because 1) it will never happen or 2) she also loves fast cars, and plans to be the main user.


If anything, they’re appreciating slightly.

Not an investment as such, the more specialist models are far better, but it’s nice to have some depreciation free motoring.

Ok, you will have to spend some money on servicing and repairs, but in comparison to most cars, Porsches are very good from a cost of ownership perspective.


Once it’s done its 70% depreciation from new, at least!


As opposed to most 10 year old cars which end up at 90% and then carry on going down rather than levelling off?

As I said GT models are much better.


I agree that they are a surprisingly sound investment, but for subsequent owners rather than the first!

It’s a bit like decent vintage hifi, which mostly stays level or so as long as it’s looked after.


Perhaps, but even from new they suffer from lower depreciation vs other makes. That said 50% of £100k is still more that 70% of £50k.


The directors at my last practice all bought 911’s on the basis of least depreciation of any car at that level. Lost less than paying the government tax on said earnings over the period.
Renewed them after 3 years suffering around 40k on each if I recall.

Water off a duck’s back if you are at that pay grade I suppose.




sorry but in my book Gunther does not Werk.