Pork scratchings


I hate that carbon fibre look.

When I bought my 981S it was a dealer specced car, and I asked them to downgrade the “genuine” carbon fibre trim to black shiny plastic, such is my hatred of the stuff (genuine or otherwise).


bacon veneer the exterior or upholster the seats in bacon leather.


Surely you mean to order the exterior in an artisan suet pastry for the ultimate pork pie. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Pete needs one made of gammon, as he’s not allowed back on the continent anymore…


Maybe @Wayward can do my upholstery?




Remind me who was upset about some missing chrome. :rofl:


My question with all this is, if they havent found a cost effective way of doing something as superficially elementary as matching the pattern on a piece of cloth, what other unseen corners are they cutting?


I doubt it’s that easy, Carbon fibre is far less forgiving than cloth. The cosmetics are the least important part here.


I still think the weave will be lined up. It’s a 12k type weave is all, the bands arnt colour it’s just the light catching on the weave so depending on the curve and where the light is the stripes move.







I’ve got that. I mean my son has got that. Working lights.


“One of the toughest challenges was to ensure the carbon fibre weave lamination was done to align the side panels of the body perfectly.”

They aren’t necessarily saying they have achieved it. :grinning:


More importantly, why haven’t they done the wheels in CF? Wouldn’t lighter wheels improve the handling - unsprung weight etc


Yeah, it’s why Koenigsegg have been doing that for a while. But I’m guessing the fact that Koenigsegg are charging (if memory serves) £30k for a set of rims may answer that question.


Gunther werks start at $600k not sure price is a factor.

Porsche them selves are making carbon wheels for the 911.


You could fit carbon fibre wheel trims. Saving money right there.


I rode a Ducati 998R with carbon fibre wheels a few years ago. I really didn’t enjoy it, it seemed to me that the reduced gyroscopic force made it feel a bit twitchy through the bends, whereas my 998 with std aluminium Marchesinis felt much more planted. Appreciate that bikes are very different to cars in this respect.