Porridge wankery and other vileness (was Inspiring achievements)

My grandmother was a jock and she tried to inflict this shite on us when we were kids. WANK.

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If you want a finer texture you go semolina pudding surely? :drooling_face:

Could do with some right now.

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But not the Devil’s spawn - Tapioca :face_vomiting:


You don’t like bubble tea?

I like them all but semolina is my favourite.

A single pulse in a NutriBullet works well. Also, coconut milk. :yum:

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Soylent beige.

Some people don’t deserve to eat.

He’s right you know…


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:laughing: Beautiful stuff! The strange thing was that night I went to watch the match at my parent’s house and spied a new bag of semolina, so I immediately made some. So good. I used to love it on school dinner.

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The only time I really enjoyed Porridge was at a Hotel in Braemar. I tried the shite with salt in one morning. Not for me. The next morning I tried normal stuff with prunes.

That was a different thing altogether; really tasty!

I think I’ll have a pan of it tonight as well! Just hope England play less beige this time.

Porridge with prunes - yer arse must’ve been dribbling :joy:

There is already soup made, which means I want semolina pudding even more!

Ah well.

I’ve just made batch of celery, leek and Stilton soup, yummity.

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:joy: I recall being quite ‘regular’ after that!

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Not making porridge currently just home made muesli.

Oats (just over half an ice cream tub)

Mixed nuts (blender for 10 seconds, don’t go too small)

Assorted dried fruits & seeds (Cranberries, raisins, sultanas, pumpkin seeds, chopped apricots)

Mixed in bowl


Looks fantastic! :+1:

Looks great. Did you consider toasting the oats on a tray in the oven ?

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How about toasting your nuts?

Squatting over a tray perraps?

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Remember to blend the oats for 17.2 seconds for extra creaminess