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and they will be…

I’m a cunt

It is for the Newport West by election




Kudos for the admission :wink:


Hahaha, brilliant.

'kin 'ell, first Steel, now this. The reason they gave for turning him down was concern over his promiscuity and the effect that might have on their Aids public awareness and advice campaign of the time.

I still can’t believe that MI5 didn’t know all about Savile given the proximity he had to the Thatchers & the royal family.

The letter informing the Committee was anonymous, return address of 140 Gower St :slight_smile:

In the 20 years I’ve been qualified, 12 years of which I exclusively did criminal defence work, appearing in Magistrates Courts on a daily basis and Crown Courts hundreds if not thousands of times I’ve never heard of that statute.

Perhaps I studied it for 15 mins on my degree, which would show how relevant it is today. At the same time 30 years ago I also seem to remember studying felonies and misdemeanours which again for a reason which escapes me no longer applies. Or this statute only applies to indictable only offences, not indecent assault, which is an either way offence.

Or it’s been repealed or for one reason or another is no longer used (like Treason).

Having spent the day looking for a way out of a contract for someone, dealing with some Trust administration and drafting two Wills incorporating discretionary trusts I can’t be arsed to look in to it more deeply, which I’m sure you’ll understand. :laughing:

I recently saw in the press someone dig out some ancient and obscure legislation to argue that Parliament was not entitled to pass legislation. He was laughed out of Court.

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So why was Steel in a conversation with him about kiddy fiddling ? And why didn’t he block his subsequent progress up the party ladder ?

EDIT: OK, I read the BBC piece. It seems Smith was an MP at the time of the conversation with Steel but he wasn’t at the time of the offences under discussion (he was a Labour councillor then). Steel understood that the police had investigated Smith and had decided to take no action. So he thought the matter was closed. You’d have thought he would at least have made some further enquiries though.


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Bloody Graun mixing up trouble again

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Hehehe, Jess Phillips telling it like it is


It’s an interesting point raised by Wes Streeting though. May blaming & demonising MPs for the impasse may actually put some of them in danger. They get enough abuse & death threats from nutters as it is. It’s irresponsible of the prime minister to paint them as enemies of democracy.

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Covering her own arse. “Not me Guv, I wanted to push it through but those traitors won’t let me.”



Time for an airstrike


Ha, would’ve taken minimal photoshopping.

I dunno, there is no way that have that many members, let alone young members. I’m impressed by the photoshop skillz required TBH.