Pots and pans

Couldn’t find a thread on pots and pans.

I’m after ditching my old random pots and pans with a new set. This will be for an induction hob.

I keep looking at circulon. Anyone other brands I should be looking at?

Chucking stuff away is so ‘last decade’. Have you had a word with your local tinker ?


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I’ve got some Stellar 7000 pans which are robust.

Not tried their non-stick though.

been buying vogue pans from various outlets.

Had a set of Meyer stainless steel pans that have lasted forever.

Our Viners stockpot has not stood the test of time, and we are awaiting delivery of the 19l version of this

I hate non-stick bollocks. Love stainless steel. No idea on induction though. Get something with a nice solid handle that doesn’t have a hole all the way down for water to get stuck in, in the dishwasher.



Cast iron works best with an induction hob.

I’ve got a couple of Vogue ones, not stock pots, and are solid.

The Tefal set the current Mrs Dur bought from Amazon on black Friday are shit.

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I bought a full set of these copper bottomed stainless steel pans (they also have st/st lids) about 17 years ago. Used and abused every day. They weren’t cheap but I’d have another set in a heartbeat.


I am using a set of stainless steel pans thay my aunt gave to me.
She had them for 20 years and fancied a change.
That was 18 years ago!

Upgrade on the horizon? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think he has only recently upgraded to this one.
Still under warranty I believe.

I always wanted to buy Fissler Profi series, but couldn’t afford them at that time. German made.
All steel and handles stay cool.
Ended up with SIGG lookalikes that are OK for the money. The Ittala set by Hackman I got as a gift when buying the Siemens induction plate is OK too, but I would not recommend as the handle can get hot.
Did buy the Fissler frying pans (yet with plastic handle), make sure they have the Cookstar base, great for induction.
Fissler cost in Germany:

If you don’t want a heavy base, I was in the past recommended the swiss brand Spring Gli. They have a five layer steel/aluminium base and wall, that should heat up evenly. I have no experience with them, but was tempted though. Example here:

Cast iron pots and grill plates are here usually by Staub or Le Creuset, both French brands.
I have the Staub, but rarely use them. (Happy you asked, time to rethink my cooking plans for the next week.)

I bought this Le Creuset stainless steel set years ago, for about a quarter of this price.

The frying pan died ages ago, I now just buy £5-£10 ones every 2-3 years as they last just as long as the expensive ones. But the saucepans are fantastic, they heat really evenly and have been totally bombproof. Used daily, in the dishwasher every time.

I would really recommend getting decent stainless steel. Copper bottom might have theoretical heat benefits, but I imagine they’re marginal.

No idea about induction hobs though.

I’ve been thinking of replacing my set of pans which are a long line of cheapies that have lasted okay but now want something a lot more durable.

Quite fancy the Le Creuset signature stainless steel set but hope they’ve improved since Adam had the other steel ones :grimacing:

Work well, last a long time.

I use tupperware and a microwave
Buy once, buy tupperware


For skillets these are fantastic…Forged iron as opposed to cast at half the weight…

For frying De Buyer Mineral B (blue steel) are great once seasoned and will outlast you.