Power amps Phonostages tubes etc

Will get them so I can take pictures and run them for awhile but I need to go slow as they are very heavy.

If you are not well then don’t worry about running them, I can try them and get anything fixed as long as they were working before should be fine

Absolutely no rush my end, will need to arrange a drive down to collect as in staffs so not handy


Dave I can take photos and shift some things next week if that helps


It looks like I need to go into the office probably Tuesday.
It is close to you so happy to pop in for a chat and can move anything around for you if you want to fire up some amps.


Two at once :grinning:

Nice one Ben :call_me_hand:

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Yes please Ben.

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You’re more than welcome Kev.

Have a pair. Nos Tungsram ECC83.

Thanks Guy much appreciated.

Sorry I’ve been busy Darren but you do seem keen so getting them to you might include a AA taxi.
I would like you to be very satisfied before you buy.
Money back guaranteed if not satisfied. They cost me over £5000 from Australia new and I think you might enjoy them. Happy New Year. Dave.

Perfect if that’s an option Dave

Happy new year

Can anyone help with a meat wagon drop off or collection. Dave has some valves and cables for me that need to get up country.
Thanks in advance.

Jim’s bake-off is the way…

If it is just valves and cables probably easier to post

If I am sorting the power amp via wam taxi to leek I could drop off or meet at some point for you spider.

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Brilliant Darren we are far apart :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Met up at Dave’s Richmond pad yesterday - we had quite a laugh, talked shit about HiFi, Victoria Sponge was purchased and I am now on hand for packing/room clearing/ cable delivery duties plus hospital trips, (the latter when Dave’s supporting group of rather beautiful women are not available) :wink:

@Wayward - Dave has passed me the Hawkwind album so I’ll be in touch regarding a delivery…


That reminds me - @chelseadave - the valves arrived today, thanks - not had a chance to even unpack 'em yet!


Tubes received - All is well - Cheers Dave