Power amps Phonostages tubes etc

Ah! I’ve been so busy this week I completely forgot to reply to Dave. Thanks Ben. :+1:


For sale Orange valve tester VT-1000. Boxed. Used once. Confused and re boxed. No longer manufactured.

I’m interested. How much do you want for it?

Anyone want anything bringing north from Dave shout now as going to fetch the amps tomorrow with room in the car

Tim and Mike already booked in :grinning:


No rush at all, but if there are any interesting 6SN7s around I would be interested. Only need 1 at a time for my line stage.

Having costed it yet but I’ll look around to see the latest prices plus the AA discount. Cheers Dave.

The Tungsram ECC83 pair are now SOLD!

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Not a problem Dave.

Is the for the tube tester? If so yes please.

Ok SOLD! It is collect Dave, I live in Richmond Surrey.
Any AA taxis?

DM me for my address and details. Cheers.

I have several power cords with us plugs. Some high end and some not. Going cheap I will list them if any body is interested. I will throw in for free a Audio Note (Japan) bag purloined from Munich😍

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Kev have you still got my GE 5751 tubes?

@chelseadave I have two very well used GE 12AV7 (ECC83) of yours which are probably the ones you mean as they can be used as subs for 5751 in some circuits. They are well used and didn’t balance very well in your phono stage.

I forgot to bring them with me when I popped round the other week.
I will pop them in the post to you or PM or Whatsapp me if you want them sent anywhere else

Don’t bother Kev I thought I loaned you GE5751 tubes so it must have been someone else. GE5751 is very much sought after and the best in the business. I have never owned GE12AV7 tubes and I think you will find ECC83 tube equivalent is 12AX7.

The tubes inside are not the same as the boxes!

Hadn’t checked before

There not the ones. No it was definitely GE5751.

Don’t matter I have just discovered som RCA 5751’s, they will do. Cheers.

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One just sold on ebay for £623 - get it listed!