Preston Bake Off 17th November

Open house for anyone who’d like to pop over to my place near Preston (pr46aj). Last attempt fell a bit flat due to illnesses so I thought I’d try again. 10am - late-ish, Indian takeaway for tea. A few of you have been before, kit is much the same as last time, vinyl, CD, streaming, SS, valves, biggish Tannoys.

Mike (jakhawk)
other Phil
my mate Lee
Mike stylesound

(I think that’s it)

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Hi Paul, I’d like to come along to this if that’s OK.

see you there Ian

Up for a curry. :yum:

shush don’t mention food ! :dark_sunglasses:

@htm_1968 this is the one I mentioned yesterday mate

Me too please Paul. It’s been a long time since I had time to attend and meet everyone again. Curry!

fuck off (i believe thats an appropriate AA response)

(see you there Steve)

Hokey cokey

No, it’s “fuck off, cunt”
Make sure the kettles on…

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Yeah, both of them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes please Paul.

cool, see you there bob

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Hi Paul.I would like to attend if there is still room. Cheers John.

yep, plenty of space

not been to many “get togethers” for a long time - would love to come if poss Paul

yep, see you there

I’ll try to make it Paul …is Stevied and mike going?

Be good to see you.

No idea about the others. Steve doesn’t seem to answer anymore. I’ll drop Mike an email

Everyone still coming?