Preston Bake Off 17th November


I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Bring whatever kit you want but I only have one room so too much kit won’t get much use


Yes, still coming. I’ll bring my Linn Karik CD it gets little use here anyway. I assume you will pm your address nearer the time. Looking forward to this. ATB John.


Yep, see you then.


good point - i’ll PM address now before I forget


Will be there in the late afternoon with some sort of kit, prob watching my eldest son play at Sale FC in the afternoon.


Cheers Bob, see you there


If anyone has a fairly beefy AV amp with HDMI inputs and coax and optical digital inputs (plus pre-out would be perfect) that they are thinking of selling… could you bring it?


shall I bring my new toys? ZENmini / Brooklyn DAC+ / LPS with Tidal and Roon - assuming the 'tinternet has reached Preston :grin:


yep, if you must… just dont forget the pies :slight_smile:


anyone need my address?
phone is zero seven five six eight, three nine two, four seven five (hopefully that will be safe to post!)


as if! will be ordering today, collect on way to the border crossing


fancy a CD vs MQA game? If I can jump on your network we can do it for a few tracks (I don’t have any MQA files locally so need Tidal)

I have a reasonable list building so I’d really like to hear other people’s opinions as we have some very experienced audiophiles kicking around!

FYI this is unintended side effect of a new DAC, not planned for. Personally if Roon to a deal with Qobuz for their new “Studio” stream then it is a dead end for me . . .


Not sure what I am bringing, but probably an amp as well as the nice Perreaux Ian is very kindly bringing back to me. May bring a fancy dan CDP as well.

Somebody needs to bring speakers?


Unfortunately not able to make this, but have a nice time guys!


more pies for Dean!




Sorry but I’m unable to attend as well ! Have a great time guys also !


snooze you lose dude


RX8 broke down?