Preston Bake Off 17th November


more likely wouldn’t even start


I don’t even get the pleasure of that :frowning:


thats a shame Micky


No idea if Dean is coming…


have pinged him on messenger, no reply yet


no Dean, spare pies anyone?


Bugger, missed opportunity :frowning:


he he he


OK my eldest son is playing against Sale FC, so I will drop by after this. Looking forward to it. Bob

I am bringing a Micromega Classic Solo, Avantgarde Acoustic Model 5 integrated line amp and a foo cable.


Anybody else want to come? plenty of room



Pity I could not make it. Black Tie Dinner with SWMBO apparently takes priority.


Thanks Paul and to all for a great day it was nice to meet you all. Good kit to hear, I now have to buy many discs as there was so much good music discovered. The pies were good too. Cheers John.


Thanks John. Nice to meet you properly. Thanks to everyone who came. We had a really enjoyable day.


top bake off Paul, really enjoyed
some very random music selections and pies and curry - what’s not to like?


Thanks to Paul and family for hosting a lovely bakeoff. It was great to catch up with a few familiar faces as well as meet some new ones.


Cheers, Paul good to meet you again. Sorry for the lateness, good to meet up with old friends.


Great day and more pies for us due to drop outs, poor show lads :grin:
Paul and Mrs G great hosts


Did somebody just die?


More like @Ijrussell discovered his relative importance to the cat.