Proud dad (/mum/grandad/uncle/whatever) moments


Daughter making me feel like I’ve just done everything right as a father…


Wait until the AA spelling Nazis take a look at this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sadly her arithmetic is correct.

This doesn’t bode well for a future in finance, accountancy or IT.



I confess I wondered whether Daddy had left his Donnie Darko DVD out …



Son #2 graduated in Portsmouth y’day.


fantastic , wonderful news


10/10 cape points.

Evidently an AAer in the making.


Cape wearing by proxy and admission to enjoyment listening to Genesis - Slippery slope.


Congratulations. The girls graduations were very special days.


Almost Chumpian :slightly_smiling_face:


Not Genesis, but without any prompting from me he’s a big fan of Donovan. I’m pleased he’s made that discovery.


I meant that you have unconsciously sent out mind waves to him. Showing your previously hidden and secret love of all things prog.


Not parenting as such but…

On Wednesday I went to a Graduation Ceremony to see two of my students receive their PhD. It was also nice to catch up with two other graduating students whose theses I examined this year. Ridiculously hot condition for robes etc, so I won’t miss the ceremonies when I pack it in.


I did point out that it might be the only day in his life he’d be able to wear that garb (unless at some point he does a Masters). However, I forgot to mention the cape wearing opportunities he might enjoy were he one day to join some obscure, Prog loving online forum.


Needs moar sequins :+1:


Quite a resemblance - he looks like a younger, cleverer version of you :grin:


ours is in Sept, when I’m on holiday, so I have delegated the reading of the 250 names.


Having just gone through the hearing of hundreds of names at my daughters graduation (3 teaching hospitals) I don’t blame you



What did graduate in?