Proud dad (/mum/grandad/uncle/whatever) moments


it’s actually quite hard work, especially making sure you get the pronunciation of the more exotic names correct. You do not want to get it wrong and upset the graduate and their tribe.

Reading out the names is one of the few things about my job I don’t enjoy. I love the pomp and ceremony of our ceremony in St Albans Abbey, but name reading…not for me


Too much like actual work? :laughing:


Says the consultant :rofl:


Sadly I’ve been interim for the last 18 months so I’ve actually had to work for a living, pffft :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


fuck off


I’ve always wondered how this is pronounced; N!xau ╪Toma (actor from *The Gods Must Be Crazy). :thinking:


Isn’t it “Prince” ?



At least yours is in a language spoken in the last two millenia.


International Relations & History. He did quite an interesting dissertation about frozen conflicts, ie unresolved international disputes (many of which seem to have occurred around the periphery of the former USSR).

Longer term I think he’d like a career in foreign aid work.


That sounds really interesting. I may look the curriculum up.

Well done that lad :+1:


Well the girl got her results today and got a first in her mental health nursing degree :slightly_smiling_face:

Next stop, employment.


Outstanding. Don’t forget to make a huge fuss of her at graduation.


I intend to. Not till November by the looks of it.




Son got the bottom merit mark in his grade 2 flute. Like daddy, he knows not to do too much :heart_eyes:


Well done everybody.

Rugby son managed to pass his first year at Loughborough fairly easily, now the work begins, youngest and cleverest son on target for a 1st in Maths (crossed fingers) from Liverpool Hope and now in his final year.

Eldest two daughters now finding out what it is like being in charge of peoples work, oh the complaints I get. :joy:


Moderator on a hi-fi forum. Pay is shit, but oh the work experience.



Only work if she’s averse to puns :unamused:


I forgot about this thread.

First day of senior school and with the difference in height, it’s hard to believe they are the same age. The lad’s clothes fit like shit but he is growing at such an alarming rate, I can’t be doing with alterations!

They turned twelve last week, the passage of time…