Proud dad (/mum/grandad/uncle/whatever) moments


Is the D them marking your tailoring?


Well, D does stand for Demigod I suppose…



d = djima coffee from Ethiopia


Youngest daughter starts her PhD in Linguistics at Sussex today.

Very, very proud of her!


Fabulous stuff. But just wait until she finishes. You’ll be fit to burst.


She is insisting that I will have to call her Dr. Kempton.


FFS don’t let her on here - her brain would implode.




  1. the scientific study of language and its structure, including the study of grammar, syntax, and phonetics. Specific branches of linguistics include sociolinguistics, dialectology, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, comparative linguistics, and structural linguistics.


Bonus! You can get Dr Kempton to sort out your Chalfonts for you.

A driver’s licence says you may drive, it is agnostic about whether you should though. Similarly, a PhD is agnostic about whether a career in research is correct for the candidate.


You can insist that you are quite happy to do that as long as she is wearing the silly hat!


I didn’t think of that :joy:


I thought you had brought her up better than that :smile:


From a MA first in Dance Studies, what to do for a first job?

Pull together the web presence for a mini-digger company, natch’.

My Sis, with a long and successful publishing career, is perhaps a trifle miffed that her daughter is pro writer before her.

She gets to go to a trade show in Las Vegas next year. :grinning:


What I’ll not put on FB is there’s a photo of Hannah at a desk, and it’s a circumstantial guess that it’s her, not my Sis. :slightly_smiling_face:


Rosa (fruit of loin 2) is 1 today.


Nice photo :+1:

But there’s a bear on your sofa.


My kitten had her first solid poo yesterday, dad goals!


did you put it in a little box :gift: as a keepsake to show the grandkids?

Just you wait for the excitement of the first fur ball


It’s in a jar next to the marmite.

I have 3 adult cats, we get our fair share of furballs, dead rodents, stolen socks and little bed space.


we keep ours labelled up in bags in the freezer next to the vodka and the lambs fry