Pub Food

Jim’s already mentioned it but Ham/Gammon, egg and chips definitely need a double mention.

Possibly the worst solicitor’s i’ve ever used.


Tut tut - no healthy eating :thinking:

I thought you’d be setting a better example…

but french cuisine is very 1960’s isn’t it.
What happened to ‘local ingredients’
‘fresh organic’ and
’home grown’ ?
Unless you’re in Yorkshire, those are what sells now surely?

in what I assume is a Brit expat pub? hmm yeah

Anyway they’ll all want a taste of home before they are deported by Brexit.

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Oh I am sorry. I thought English Pub meant England. Ha Ha.

I actually didn’t assume that at all, I assumed that it was just an English style pub in a French town, for whomsoever wishes to experience the wonderful contribution to humanity that a good pub is.

Also, believe it or not, going out for an English is a thing. My French mate Jerome used to do it when he was still living in Paris, and I had a Chinese colleague in the civil service who also worked in her family’s restaurant who did the same on her nights off ( although, to be fair she did say she’d rather eat “anything else rather than fucking Chinese”)

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Btw Jon, one of my ex bosses, a Major whose wife was French, used to tell me that the French ladies used to really go for an Englishman who could speak fluent French, but crucially, with an English accent. I suppose similar to English girls liking English spoken in a French accent.

His Mrs was absolutely beautiful, and he was probably average looking at best, so I always thought that there was something in what he said. What do you reckon?

I’d definitely cater to the stereotype and do a really good roast beef and Yorkshire pud Sunday dinner, a proper full English breakfast.

Look in to beer/food matching if the beer sold there is decent.

The trouble with pissing into the wind is your legs get wet :thumbsup:

Maybe that’s why they don’t tan very well?



No slates, buckets, bricks, wooden boards* or recycled washing powder containers.

* boards are acceptable for cold meats.


Tans are for tradesmen.

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So mini frying baskets are acceptable for chips?

They are for chicken. Or at least they used to be in the 1970s.

Chicken in a basket was the apotheosis of fine dining when I was 12. :grinning:

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Given the French like frogs legs maybe Toad in the Hole might go down well…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Soup in the basket was a bit trickier.


We never went anywhere as posh as a Berni Inn.

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We did on special occasions, usually the Red Lion in Stratford upon Avon.
Prawn cocktail, steak 'n chips and black forest gateau, luxury :worried:

Oh fuck yes, I forgot that an orange juice constituted a starter in the 70s :grinning:

There were too many siblings (6). It would’ve cost a fortune!