Pursuing olfactory perfection

We’ve had threads concerning all manner of epicurean and couturial delights. Now I bring you the latest and perhaps final frontier in frippery - aftershaves.

I’ve never really worn aftershave - they all smell vaguely similar and synthetic to me. However I do yearn for a scent that I really like and will trigger positive pheromonal responses in my prospective paramours.

A few years ago someone showed me a small vial of something they bought from a boutique in Paris, for some silly price, and I have to say it smelt amazing. My immediate response was, ‘Wow, that’s a smell and you’re the consummate gentleman. Come here big boy.’

I’ve been looking for something similar since - I’ve not found it in any of the serried ranks of Tom Ford or other Big Fashion Label bottles. Does anyone have any suggestions for where one might go to find something different?

Is there such a thing as a perfumiere where they might make an aftershave to suit one’s particular fancy/dark desire?

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On the odd occasion that I use aftershave it’s Klar Klassik.

Very traditional, not expensive (£25-£30), but usually tricky to find in this country, more so post Brexit :man_facepalming:

Most of the time I just use an alum block.

I wear Marbert and have done since my sister was the Strayan distributor back in 1979.

Only available online or from select stores in Germany.

It’s not too floral or citrusy. It also suits my acidic skin which makes most fragrances smell like cat’s piss.

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Absolutely thought that label said Meatbert Man’ at first glance.

Thanks for both those suggestions but it’d be good to be able to try out the scent somewhere first!

The Frederic Malle concession in Liberty. There are probably others that carry stuff aimed more at men in there too.


Although I’m pretty sure that musk ravaging is against the law.

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Sold on the name alone. Thanks.

Le Labo do some nice things (Have a concession in Libertys) I like several of them - They go the extra mile on Fooey descriptions which is appreciated deeply.

“Le Labos beguiling range of perfume, home fragrance and botanical body care has become iconic for its unconventional yet luxurious handmade olfactory offerings. Opening with a dazzling burst of tart grapefruit and bergamot, Le Labos Bergamote 22 Eau de Parfum is an acrobatic act on your wrists. Uniting floral notes of petit grain and the heady sweetness of amber, with the woody depths of vetiver and musks, this complex scent is a warming, addictive aroma. One of Le Labos cult classics, this beguiling scent is available in three handily sized bottles 15ml, 50ml or 100ml Their scents are less synthetic generally.”

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I like Gucci Guilty Absolute, very woody and cedar type smell

The classic Aqua di Parma is another one I like but can be a bit floral/citrusy

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Not a big wearer any more. Have always enjoyed Armani scents including the straight up original and latterly Acqua di gio. My main criticism with these is they fade rather quickly.



Unbeatable… :grin:


Do people really still wear aftershave?

If you’re just looking to get yer dick wet roll around in a pile of


Pursuing olfactory perfection, you say?

Aftershave can get in the sea. Revolting stuff.


Only one I have ever used after a copy of FHM came with an ad that had a little sample sachet.

Nobody wants to smell of Trump?

Used to wear it every day from 18yo -45-ish There again I used to go out every night.

Hardly ever use the stuff now, maybe a couple of times a year. I’ve got half a dozen barely touched bottles of Armani, Cartier, Boss, Versace etc. Probably (definitely) never get through them.


Make your own?