Quick one from the dork to the techies

I’ve always used the MM switch on my phono (at least I think it’s on MM it’s so badly labelled, switch out), because I have the step up transformer going into it. Checking the specs of the HM3 here:


I’m wondering if my massive gain on phono stage is caused by me having the cart (4ohm output) being bumped up too much. (40x)

You’d think the EAR phono and integrated would work well together but the gain is ridiculous I can barely get to 9 o clock or ten at a push. I’ve ordered some -15db rothwells and even on my Quad CDP2 I have a -12db phono on it as it has a pretty healthy output.

Any ideas? All this going up and down to get the right levels is hilarious, and I’m unsure if it’s sounding it’s best because of various settings. :slight_smile:

40x is waaaaay too much for 0.4mV. 10x would be more like what is needed.

Essentially cart output times ratio should be around 4-5 mV.

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Does it sound balanced on the x20 setting. If so thats what I would go with and set the gain on your Quad as low as it will go.

I have a Transfiguration Temper V into a Cinemag Blue which I use on its lowest setting without issue.

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HM3 and 1131 are very similar and both offer x20 and x40 and unlike some cartridges the Transfiguration doesn’t appear to change tonal balance a great deal with a different load.

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When I got the SUT which was a valvebloke DIY, it came with the following info:

“Hi Shaun,
Some pics. I had the unit configured the same as the Choir Audio units, so you have two inputs.
2 - 7 ohms, +32db
7 - 40 ohms, +26db
This makes choosing your input simple,
so you use your cart’s internal impedance figure, then use the input most suitable.
For instance, my Benz wood m2 has an internal impedance of 24 ohms,
so i use the 7 - 40 ohms input.
Your Transfiguration Phoenix has an internal impedance of 4 ohms, so you would use the 2 - 7 ohms setting. Simples!”

You guys think I should keep the phono stage on MM and set the SUT to 20x then? Seems weird

Yep. MC plus SUT is equivalent to MM.

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Don’t you mean MM plus SUT is equivalent to MC?

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Talking in output levels, MC cartridge plus SUT has equivalent output to MM so should go into the MM input.

Sorry, thought you meant MC input, not cartridge.


^ This is the right way to go with that SUT. Even then it’s not optimum, but the best you’re going to get with that SUT.


So it doesn’t matter the sut is technically on the wrong setting I guess? I could always just flog it and go direct. Meh

I’ll try it in a bit and see if I need to cancel those rothwells

Sell it and buy a squeezebox


Bloody vinyl! Although I did just have a few spins after rebuilding my whole TT and it sounds great, albeit loud.

Have to pop in for a cuppa and a country slice some time :slight_smile:

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Will do,are you in Exeter or exmouth?

Exeter not far from either station

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Is parking easy?

Yeah not too bad there’s a small free part up the road

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Aren’t there three stations?

If it’s between Central and St Davids then that’s very close to where we used to live.

Near where some 80yr old got Merced a couple weeks back like 300m away!

It is! Yeah not st Thomas