Realistic dream cars or who's the Alfa male?

Probably my dream car within the realm of the realistically achievable:

Why the fuck would you want a Merc? (Assuming, of course, you actually want to enjoy driving).

To be fair, I’ve never driven one, but as an armchair motorist they’ve always just done it for me tbh. Not quite sure why.

Horrible rubbery things. Well made and make cruising relaxing, but for actual driving fun? No thanks…

Nice XF can be had for realistic money

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You can have a 911 or E92 M3 for half the price. As for jags, lol.

Admired my frends beautiful jag x2 facelift model . beautiful , foolishly a few weeks ago he left it on fast main road and a nice amazon van ploughed into it , only damaged the rear bumper and lights but i think they may write it off sadly

Plenty about. I wanted an XJ-S V12 since I was a kid, had one. Also a Rolls/Bentley. Go for it.

One of the 25th anniversary Range Rovers.

These vintage C class are better than the current ones (which are slightly larger), better interior, auto box and handling.

Morgan Plus 8 for me, please.

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Astra for me,


I think you’ve somewhat missed the point, the operative word is realistic.


:roll_eyes: It says realistic in the thread title. Feckin’ dreamer…

What are dreams for, fucking AA losers,


2013 Overfinch 4.4L. I can probably fit the VW Up! in the boot.

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If stu can make it so can I

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I set myself a limit of £7k for cars as I don’t like taking a loan/pcp/or whatever the fuck it’s called now for them.

The mini cooper is about the limit of fun and practicality for the price although I have been thing about a stretching to a Boxster recently.



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