Realistic dream cars or who's the Alfa male?





I have a Merc. It’s even a slow one and I still enjoy driving it.

Ha! Bet you feel silly now.


By the way has you fag machine turned up yet?
Apologies I’m not the quickest at getting shit out


To be fair, a massive step up for those Range Rover horrors you normally bang on about. :grimacing:


With a realistic everyday budget it would be a Boxster


What you need is an intergalactic mileage, hyper turbocharged, mapped, upgraded, dyno’d, eats fuel pumps (and tyres) Audi A3 1.8 Turbo Sport :smiley:


You are all rong.


At the moment I’d like a VW T5 camper conversion with a pop top. For fun a Caterham 7. Even though my desires are modest, I have no chance of realising them. :sob:


I’m all done with cars. My next vehicle will probably look something like this. Assuming I live long enough to kill the Kia


I once had an AMG Merc with a 5.5 V8. Amazing sounding, great in a straight line, but terrible round corners. Very comfy though - in summary a rather quick arm chair




Basically a repeat of the I want thread.


Nice choice. I’m done with cars, but could be tempted by a DS safari if I find a big stash of cash under the floorboards.



or this…


Did you go to restaurants in it? :roll_eyes:


Why would you buy Porsche after Porsche if your dream car is not that dissimilar in price? :thinking:


And its not even a proper Porsche.





One day.