Realistic dream cars or who's the Alfa male?


^ he’s at it again


Alfa Brera 3.2 Q4


I dream of a badly parked BMW.


I’d go for the Fiat Coupe, the 5 cylinder turbo one. Only problem is I dont fit inside. :frowning:


Only the very best ones, naturally.


I want a Saab 900 turbo just like this one.
Cool as fuck.


Isn’t that front wheel drive though? :grimacing:


doesn’t old man Rabsji drive one of them - IIRC from elsewhere says it was better than any Ferrari etc that he owned, when he was a rock star, night club owner, car dealer…whatever


Doesnt matter, they’re too old and valuable to thrash about these days.

Its all about the design, it gets better every year that passes (imo).


No - that picture is the original SAAB version. Rabski has the “new generation” model which was essentially a re-styled Mk3 Vauxhall Cavalier.


I had a GM 9-3 for 18 months a few years ago

Utterly dreadful chassis and suspension. Unstable on the motorway, crashy and unpredictable everywhere else. No wonder GM couldn’t sell enough to make ends meet. Crap.


Right now I’m realistically dreaming about a Merc C Class estate, god knows why :slight_smile:


Mazda RX-8 is dead
Long live the king
The new king of cars is the Mercedes C class estate
Long live the king


Oh and a Subaru Impreza and a Subaru XV…


One of these would do me



I kind of fancy a 3.2 Boxster

Or an early 3.4 996



Oooh, yeah :+1:


Nah stick to the Merc estate.


Rob, keep the faith.