Recommend me a computer monitor

Been bunged some dosh. Been thinking about replacing my two 22" monitors on my desk at home with one say 32" monitor. I am not a gamer…budget about £350…


This is all you need to work from home…


help me spend my money…

This looks OK and reasonable money

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ilyama 4K. Will probably blow the budget but why not :rofl:

Being serious, if you need to write documents, get one that rotates to portrait and preferably one with a decent, height and tilt adjustable stand. If the 22s are HD, you’ll miss the real estate if you just get one big HD screen. Also be careful 32 isn’t too big - you sit quite close at a desk… I’d seriously suggest 2x27 as a big upgrade


I had one work and never rotated it. I use a 32" IIyama at work.

work desk:

Multiple windows are probably more of a concern…

I am wondering about this

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Oversize and over budget :grinning:
But i would expect nothing less

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The benefit of working with two monitors is substantial, I would normally do that over one single big one.

not the two unmatched ones - taking up too much valuable desk space at home.

I work with three (sometimes 4 at work) - so yes I appreciate what you are saying.

just a little bit :thinking:

It is normally the salesman who pushes the envelope, not the customer!
If you meant 36" and £500 you should have said so at the beginning :grinning:

I will change the search parameters

Just get one of those mad 39” curved extra wide Samsung’s and be done with it

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just checked existing two; one is 22" and one is 20". The 20" has a strange taint on the screen, so if you move a window from the 22" to the 20", the white background has a yellow taint. I have no more room on the desk I cannot get two bigger monitors in the space…

£350-£400 but no more…

not this

anyone know the difference (in usability terms) between VA and IPS panels. I am not a gamer, occasionally I edit photos but that is getting more infrequent…

Does the panel technology make a difference? for mainly office type use, VCs etc…

should i be bothered by unknown brands like this:

I don’t know about that brand but the EG stuff from Ebuyer is ok apparently.

I had a pair of 22 inch monitors, last year I moved onto a pair of Acer Nitro VG270UP 27 inch, they are v nice

blows your budget, and overstocks your desk space for the win :+1:

dont have the space for anything that occupies more than the existing 22" plus 20"

Has anyone had any experience of using something as wide as this?