Recommend me a computer monitor

Never used one
A lot more expensive than 2 smaller (27”) screens

I wonder if it’s harder to drive a single display of that resolution compared to 2 screens at half that res?

My tossup is between that and 2 x 4k 27" screens, which works out at roughly the same price at the moment for equivalent quality panels.

The advantage of this one is the curve on it, the advantage of the dual screen is I can buy them one at a time!

2x4k is much higher total res

If you mount on a single boom you can angle two screens in

The included kvm and usb c stuff is quite nifty, but if you bought 2 qhd 27” screens you’d save a lot of money

Main thing is if you have 2 screens, you’re unlikely to have both fail together

That’s a good point that I’d not considered, and as these are primarily for work, single point of failure would be bad.

My son went for a 144hz 27” screen . It is much smoother than a 60hz. It’s only HD but it’s lovely (so he bought a second!)

Buy the monitors together though - they change design frequently and getting matching screens will be hard if you wait

Only big issue is if you don’t have 2 display outputs…

That’s one of the advantage of the Dells, they move at a positively glacial speed as far as product changes go. Not sure I’d risk it with other monitors.

Also don’t seem to be able to get what I want with the 144Hz refresh rate, so will have to settle for 60z. TBH I’ve never had a problem with 60Hz.

This is the alternative I am considering:

And yes, I am something of a Dell monitor fanboy.

Decisions, decisions…

what you using it for?

I am using 1 x LG 34" and 1 x LG 29" (mounted vertically. I cannot cope with anything wider. Mind you i dont game or watch movies on it. Purely work and i have limited desk space.

Primarily work. It’s possible to get by with a much smaller a setup (difference between “need” and “want”), but I do like to be able to see quite a lot at one time. I’ll either use the whole widescreen or a single 4k for gaming / film watching as and when I do that. I’ve got plenty of desk space to play with as my desk is 7.5’ long.

You would need an utter beast to game on that big screen. Even HD takes some grunt at decent frame rates, you’d be into i9/threadripper + 2080s to run that big screen. That’s a £5k+ PC easy

Gaming at high res is a way down the line tbh.

Any good?

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Looks ideal except it’s collection only and I am based in France…

And your point is? :rofl:

They might ship it.

" I believe the box is in storage and will check but would prefer collection"

Do you have any mates near Tring?

I use a pair of these:

22" but almost no bezel so quite compact - 54 cm wide. £99 each.

I think our ironing board is about as wide as that. But I’ve got no experience of using it. Sorry.


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@TMC funnily enough that PFM seller is coming here tomorrow to collect something he purchased from me… I could ask him about shipping/box if you like

I think I need to hang fire unless he’s willing to take instalments tbh.

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Right, thinking about getting a new monitor. Budget is £500, need decent colour accuracy (for photography stuff) and also be ok for gaming.

4k would be nice, and ooking at the ultrawides for a bit more real estate as well, but don’t know if it would suit me.

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I bought one of these last year for Visio duties and the picture is quite impressive, they also do a 4k version.