Recommend me an air rifle

We have an eternal pest problem, made worse by a proliferation of bird-feeders.

I need something for rats, squirrels and pigeons (flocks up to 300 sometimes!!! We’re surrounded by farmland on 3 sides). Range? The longer the better really. I dunno? Scope? UK legal (sadly), cos some cunt is 100% certain to call plod at some point.

So, as much punch as legally possible, good accuracy, and ease-of-use - thinking .22 and ideally something multi-shot, but I know exactly fuck-all about the many, many options and can no longer brane any more…

And thanks, but I don’t want to buy/borrow whatever’s corroding at the back of the garage, thanks for the offer. Just want to hear from anyone who might be up-to-date on the topic…

Automatic Air rifle.

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Yeah, thanks Dave - hard to see how me swanning around the back garden or leaning out of windows waving that thing around could possibly go wrong! :rofl:

But results orientated.


Something daystate and 0.20 calibre for hipster reasons

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Take lessons and talk to a gun range, asking for shite like this on this forum is silly.

You need to kill them quickly and with zero suffering but if you don’t know what you are doing that is just cruel.


Oh good, the first sanctimonious cunt of the day.


How is advising you to take lessons and do it properly “sanctimonious” you jumped up bellend?


I’d go for either a Fienwerkbau Sport or a Weirhrauch HW 80.

Both are classic accurate vermin killers, not the latest cutting edge tech, but much respected and when set up correctly, just under the UK limit without needing a licence.

There are plenty of both available s/h, you should be thinking £200 - £500 for a good one.

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Only one gun will suffice


I fucking WISH!

Make dropping some of these trees easier, too.

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Stop faffing, get a license, remortage, sell the NSX and arrange something with ‘kneecaps Clive’ your local friendly loanshark and buy THIS. It should be adequate for small vermin. And large vermin. And very large vermin. And light armoured vehicles. The .577 has reasonable penetrative performance. And I quote;

The 577 contains a .585-inch (14.9 mm) diameter 750-grain (49 g) monolithic solid projectile which when fired moves at 2,460 ft/s (750 m/s) producing 10,180 foot-pounds force (13,800 J) of muzzle energy

This should ensure anything that it connects with is unlikely to suffer :+1:.


Barret M95. Accept no substitutes.

As a bonus will also stop trucks and basically vaporise alpacas.


Well done whoever removed that twisted shit.

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Now I want to be an americunt.


You’re half way there.


Just don’t sign up to any of the airgun fora - permaban guaranteed for anyone not confirming to a very narrow world-view. It’s the antithesis to this place…
I’ve been looking myself and narrowed it down to Air Arms or Weirhauch for a Springer (underlever for reasons) but if you want to go full tacticunt, the world’s your lobster with PCP’s
Edit: There’s no way I’d start by shooting at live targets - unless it was Putin or Kadyrov and then with a .50 BMG


Imagine buying a house in the country, in the middle of farmland, then getting butthurt at nature.

Just buy a flat in Croydon ffs.


Serious suggestion: get a couple of cats. They’ll kill everything in no time.

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And Thick Of The Day goes to…

Have you any fucking idea how many rats there are in a place like this? With literal hundredweights of undersized spuds or sugarbeet left in the fields all year round? Nor how much damage they do? Chewing through power cables? Spreading diseases. They’re in the fucking house you steaming numbnut. And it’s exactly because I don’t want to poison the “Hurdur Natcher!” (nor the fucking useless dogs, nor the fucking useless cats) that I’d rather shoot the cunts.

Any rat-huggers ever watch a poisoned rat die? Takes a while… Not pretty.

See above. You get runner-up prize. Most cats are fucking USELESS around rats too much like hard work. All ours ever kill is the wildlife you do want around the place.

Thanks, some actual sensible advice. Tacticunt can fuck off, I’m not poncing about like some sad old Walt, I want something accurate, good sights, that hits as hard as legally allowable. Shot plenty with 12ga over the years, but that’s not appropriate for what I need here.

I plan to practice on some Poor Children first, before I risk harming anything critical…