Record Dividers

Couldn’t find a suitable thread.

Has anyone got dividers for genre, I’ve realised browsing A-Z of multiple genres is no way for someone to select music. So I’m planning on getting 8 or so of these and just dividing it all up by genre.

What are people using - I’ve seen crappy wooden ‘bookmark’ style ones, 12" square plastic etc.


Morrissey 1
Morrissey 2
Morrissey 3
Morrissey 4
Morrissey 5
Morrissey 6
Morrissey 7
Morrissey 8

Feel free to print and glue to female panties, like little flags.


I have basic genre sets ( Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk/World. Reggae/Dub, Everything else) but don’t use dividers, I have an Ikea racking system that is already split into 35cm bays or sections so I just use those natural dividers.


The best kind.

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I have a system of filing that only I know which intentionally puts anyone else off from looking for a record (and hence probably breaking the stylus).

I like to divide my collection from other humans.


Some people only need one with ‘pretentious audiophile wank’ written on it.
Maybe two actually, jazz and blues.

I have an OPR section for Other People’s Records. These are records that other folk have left behind in various dwellings and I can’t quite believe they don’t want them.

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So here we are on an audio forum, lets call that ‘hardware’ - The hardware will only sound as good as the ‘software’ it is ‘fed’.
A truly high-end hardware system will sound Good with OK software
A middling system with excellent ‘software’ will sound superb.

You can’t get out what isn’t there to retrieve.

Does 80’s / 90’s digitized pop meet the criteria? Here’s a clue.


Maybe we should just have Good Music and Bad Music. This would eliminate laughable faux pas such as misfiling Nihilist Black Metal under Black Nihilist Metal.

Which has nothing to do with it being good music

Seems a bit pretentious to even suggest that you’re the arbiter of what’s good & bad music.

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True, it has everything to do with good sound. Fortunately there was a fair bit of music that was well recorded by talented artists. When you say pretentious audiophile wank but don’t see how pretentious Morrissey is there’s not much room for debate here unfortunately.

Outside of taste, is there much point in buying 90% of new releases (zero quality control, digital cheapo pressings) or 80’s pop records (Bashed out by the majors often from over pressed plates) and hoping your analogue system will make them sound much better than an all digital system could? It’s like putting diesel into Concorde (Yes it’s fuel but perhaps not the best fuel).

If you have a man toy hardware fetish that’s cool but well pressed analogue recordings are fetishised for good reason too (Mostly by people who have understood what a good recording / pressing is and what makes it so) There is an art to recording and pressing, it’s not wank.

The important question is where do you file Howlin’ Wolf?
H or W?


Horrendous wank
Either tbh

Fair enough, I’m open to this opinion. Could you share what was the best system you’ve ever heard? and what do you consider to be excellent music? I’m trying to get a handle on your opinion

H or W?



I’m unsure of the best system I’ve ever heard tbh. I like the sound of mine best regardless (which can only be good right).

Good for your wallet!

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Under B for Burnett of course.

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I suppose you would file Elton John under D and Cilla under W?

Pretentious tosh

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