Record mailer recommendation

I had a load of used record mailers in my garage but they got a bit damp and I binned them.

Selling a few records, so I want to buy a few of them, up to 50. Can anyone recommend a particular brand or design?

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If you’re trying to limit cost, recycle the mailers you receive your new records in. Just the cost of some brown parcel tape then :smiley:

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Yeah, but don’t store the mailers in a damp garage. Hence my post!

Plus, I don’t have a regular supply as I am not buying much at the moment.

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I bought my last lot about 6 months ago and struggled to find anyone who had any stock. I had to buy some pretty crappy but expensive ones.

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I rarely get anything posted, I order and pick up from my local store.
But the last one I ordered from Amazon turned up in a paper bag :flushed:

I have had stuff sent to me in these and they seem to survive.
Not the best but maybe the cheapest!

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These guys. Always used them.

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These aren’t great.

I’ve a few I can send you to tide you over but not as many as 50 :grinning:

This type offer more protection especially to corners.

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Never had any problems. Couple of card stiffeners in there and they are pretty robust. Use them all the time for discogs/eBay without a problem.Why aren’t you keen?

See above. They will also take multiple records. I have used the envelope type but got complaints of damage to sleeve corners.

These look OK

These are the ones I had to buy, they aren’t great.

It will depend on the value of the records being sent. If they are £10 records the envelope type mailers with a couple of stiffeners would be reasonable - If the records have a higher value or are being sold as NM etc I’d go for a mailer with crumple zones - All British made mailers pale in comparison to US… No matter how sellers bang on about B flute and ‘strongest’ etc etc - The card is just not as good.

These Amazon type ones do a fair job with a couple of stiffeners and are easy seal

Cardboard is getting pricey these days