Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


No way I’d ever have one - Max is bad enough at 1/10th the amount of coat!

Bloody well said, Sir! The infantilisation of the mons-pubis goes hand-in-glove with the decline of Western society and the proliferation of every kind of degeneracy!

The delightful fuzz or bush is a rare animal indeed now, and to be savoured like the bouquet of a fine wine or prize orchid - not to be mown like a roadside verge!


This is a weird place to go reading when you can’t sleep.


The reel to reel thread has gone somewhat off topic, for sure


Vintage pleasures?



Strapline of the week award?




Not with the state of those gums. :slight_smile:


Can I just mention that I didn’t purposely download that pic. I think I must have hovered a bit too long.


Would be a nice one to have;


Ask tuff Bob if he’ll sell you the one I got for him if he gets bored of it. Didn’t cost anything like that one either.


Playing that now (LP not tape). Would love a reel version but not at that price plus shipping plus charges :slightly_frowning_face:


He can Lopwell


I can bring it with me, it’s not for sale, as it’s the only tape I have.


I’m more than happy to sell my Akai 17201.
At some point, I’m hoping Tuff Bob will pop in and pronounce on it.
He needs to pick up some speaker cables he had left me with.
The Akai is just sitting there, and it’s a great pity no one wants to buff and shine and use it, given the great affinity people appear to have for Reel-Reels.


Happy to swap for a nice Ray Conniff greatest hits tape I found in the Cat Protection League shop. Can’t say fairer than that surely?


Does fuck you sound too rude? :rofl:


For Ray Conniff? Not rude enough but if I throw in a jar of Marmite can I take it we’ve got a deal?


Actually I already have a pot of marmite and I would have thought that you would be paying people to take the tape away tbh.


Only 3 3/4 sadly :confused: