Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


where from?


Have you got the other half of the album. I’m guessing it was a twin spool release


Ebay jobbie from the US, expensive postage and charges but low priced to begin with. Need to find a Murrican friend to help with delivery.


I think this got mentioned at Jim’s, the track listing on R2R is frequently different and on top of that I’ve not seen a double reel edition.


Songs in the key of life is a double album, that tape is the 1st LP I just wonder if the 2nd LP came on a second tape - due to tape length?


From Wiki. It’s an interesting point. I haven’t yet seen any double albums on two tapes.


I know, just not seen any mention of a vol2, nor reference to the fact that this might be vol 1 of 2.


I’ve got quite a few 3 3/4 and 7 1/2 tapes to play on my Revox A77. Trouble is the seller of said tape deck stitched me up good and proper and sold it to me with a dead channel. I replaced the card but it needs setting up. This thread has pushed me to email Brian Reeves to get it booked in. Looking forward to getting it sorted now.


List please :nerd_face:


Apparently it was released as two separate tapes
R11 6569 And R12 6569


This is the guy I got the TEAC from. He also services Revox



Most of the 3 3/4 have never been played.


The Gerry Mulligan meets Johnny Hodges is a great LP. Would like to hear that tape. I have the Sarah Vaughan ones & one other of hers. Which are the 7.5 ips ones? the Motown stuff?


Yes the Motown collections. I haven’t bought any tapes for ages as my A77 needs setting up. I’m still quite annoyed with the seller to be honest, he’s well known on the forums…


Might have a simmer sizzler at some point for a handful of folks (tape based). Could be fun.


One tip I heard for tapes that haven’t been played for a while was to FF them to the other end & then rewind them back to the start before playing them. might be worth doing with some of your unplayed ones. (or even all of them if they’ve been unused for a while)


Interesting, for what reason?


Not sure. Maybe so that your machine lays them down with it’s tension or to free them up if the layers have a tendency to be sticking together. I don’t really know. it was just some advice on a youtube film I watched.


Cool thanks I’ll remember that.