Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss



I presume there is a roast suckling pig somewhere in shot and that lady has just farted to ensure that all aspects of the AA membership are covered.


She doesn’t eat many muffins, I reckon


I bet she never has to queue to get her muffins eaten


I suspect that she is sick of the ‘clutter’ in the living room and is taking his pride and joy for a nice salty/gritty swim.


Nice idea, but how would she have got it onto the trolley on her own ?

I’m pretty sure I bought a single Quad II-40 on eBay for peanuts once from someone who sold it (Buy It Now) while the owner was not there. To increase the chances of him not being able to buy them back the matching one was sold separately !



Never realised marantz did a r2r







I hope that’s not your copy of Hot Buttered Soul!


Nope, not my pic or cat either.


This is one of the reasons why @ZiggyMarley will not be adopting tape as his primary source.


A proper catastrophe




Today I’ve been putting the two HD Tracks 24/192 Bowie albums (Hunky Dory & Ziggy) onto either side of a 7" tape at 7.5 ips. The result sounds very good (actually mostly like the files played off the 'puter through a suitable DAC) and much better than my earlyish & rather tired vinyl versions. Better too than the standard CD issues I have of the same albums. Maybe there’s a hint of the R2R’s own character but it’s in no way objectionable.

I would like to hear the original 7.5 ips tape releases of these albums but I suspect I’d be looking at the thick end of £300 to buy either of them

Which then begs the question, if you’re looking to get a good version of a classic album like this, how do you buy it? Isn’t it likely than any recently released vinyl version will have come via a digital master at some point? How good does a proper first press of one of these two sound?

May need to see whether MWS has one.

Does Tidal offer access to these HiRes versions?


Mr MWS needs to buy a r2r


No, they’re offering MQA fuckery but not straight forward 24/192 versions.


There’s probably some merit to lurking in the Steve Hoffman forums when considering a purchase, especially when £££ are involved.

There is the usual bitch fighting and forthright opinion, but I suspect that over time there is a reasonable consensus formed.

For example, look at the labyrinthine options that something like Fleetwood Mac - Rumours offers. These are well documented over there.