Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Yes, it was a joke lol


You should be there on it, the latest fad of R2R and get some old crap tapes listed at massive margins, then you too could afford the same car as MCRU.


Be sensible, you’ve got to sell a fuckton of audiofool fuses and plugs to get anywhere close.


you wait 8-track will be next


Can’t see it, too convenient and lower quality than reels. The only attraction is the scarcity of recorded material.


don’t dismiss it - we shall be releasing gold plated 8 track cartridges for the ultimate in hipster cool.


do you think the cats would like a reel-to-reel? I bet they’d have fun with all that tape and spinning at stuff. Now who was selling the Pink Floyd tape?



Tis a portable electric hob, no?


Skip fodder !


Not really audio related, but…


Oi, I worked in the service dept in South Shields for Ferrograph fixing these. Classics in their day. To be fair, the Seven series we’re an upgrade.


More about the context in this case.


Ok me missing something - sleep time :smiley:


Used by this lot.





Was digitally archiving a few bits this morning. Some borrowed tapes & one particularly fragile one.

Here are a couple of tracks from fragile Ramsay.


and one more.


The AA in one picture :+1: