Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Couple of nice 7.5 ips tapes on the way, The Doors, Beatles and Isaac Hayes.


Didn’t realise they ever performed together


You’ll have to wait and find out at Lopwell :nerd_face:


I opted out on the Isaac Hayes but look forward to hearing it. Were you not tempted by the Chic tape?


I was :slightly_smiling_face:


Kinell, I was watching that too. We all need to get our heads together or we’ll be bidding against each other :grinning:


It was the fact that you said a ‘couple’ of tapes then named three that I was trying to highlight :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Most of what I’m buying is in the US but I’ll be happy to loan tapes around if others want to try them. I’m very interested to hear how the Shaft tape compaares with the LP.


Me too. I was making pizza and forgot it was due to finish :roll_eyes:


Likewise. We could set up to pool our stuff and tape each other’s stuff, but like, home taping is killing music innit.


I’ll bring both to Lopwell and we can find out :+1:


I’ve been splicing in sections of leader tape onto the ends of some of my more delicate tapes. I bought one of those BIB splicers and the splicing & leading tapes from tapecity. It means that the R2R does the violent stop starting activity to fresh leader rather than to the more delicate older tape. I need to find more blank tape. Fresh unused is quite pricey but probably would do better than the older used stuff I’ve been trying so far. The Bowie hires downloads seem to have gone onto tape quite well.


Am I the only one who thinks you’re doing this the wrong way?


I have oldish, fairly shagged versions of these on vinyl. I also have some of the tracks on CD although the particular compilation I have doesn’t sound that great. I bought the HiRes downloads from HD tracks which of course I can play from my computer via a suitable DAC. I then recorded them on to tape aswell to see what the tape recorder adds or loses when playing them back that way.

Or I could’ve spent the money on fancy, heavy vinyl re-issues or indeed hundreds of dollars on original pre-recorded tapes of them. Plenty of options perhaps not so much disposable cash!


The recent remasters which found there way onto the Five Years vinyl box set are very very good. You can buy these individually so no need to shell out for the box.

Whilst I’d love to hear Ziggy Stardust at 7.5 ips I don’t see me shelling out somewhere in the region of $300+ to satisfy my curiosity about whether or how much better it might sound over the vinyl version.


Bloody hell, that 5 years box set is going for over £600 now.


Bloody hell.

Wonder how much my signed copy of his Space Oddity album is worth ?


£5 but I’ll give you £6 just for fair play reasons.


No C.O.A no payday