Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Yes I know

I have one :wink:




Nope 100% genuine


Good signature on shit album tho.


Indeed, poor album but great sig on an unplayed mint cover


How much do you want for it then? I know a desperate Bowie fan who might like it (me).


Dunno mate, no idea what it’s worth. Do you?


Nope, me neither :man_shrugging:t3:



Wow, I was expecting that to be in the many hundreds of quid category. Seems awfully cheap, he must have signed thousands of them.


Noise, distortion and faff, mainly.


So like pretty much any turntable, cartridge, valve amp, & particularly loudspeakers? :smiley:


The difference here is that those are actually required for playing vinyl, and vinyl is an actually popular format. Are you planning on ripping your hi-res to vinyl? That would be mad, no?

If you want to play original tapes, fine (still too much faff, but hey) but I really have no idea why you’d record hi-res to tape unless you’re some kind of masochist.


To play back that pair of HiRes albums I have to take a laptop, an hdd, a USB Dac and it’s power supply into the living room, find 3 spare mains outlets, string them all together, temporarily configure the laptop to output on USB & then play the files hoping that the laptop isn’t needed elsewhere in the house while I do it.

Or I can play a tape with them recorded on it which sounds fine.

With regard to playing back original tapes, in most instances (not all certainly) the pre recorded ones sound better than either the vinyl or the digital versions where I have the same recordings.


I’m sure you could find a suitable appliance if you tried hard enough. With a remote control, even.

Presumably the tape player and a stack of random storage boxes is your idea of a compact user friendly solution. :joy::joy:


Not necessarily the most compact but the best sounding source I have access to here.


Compact & convenient? Those are a thing now? :grinning:


Possibly with original tapes, but I don’t see how recording a digital file is going to improve it.

If I had buttloads of money, I might invest in a tape machine, but I really can’t be arsed for the four tapes of generic jazz I could source/afford.


You know me, I’m all about compact and user friendly HiFi. :smiley:


Not sure I’ve actually ever said that it would improve it. That said I can think of plenty of CD’s I own that sound better played through an L300 or M77 than they do played through a simple attenuator.