Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Guy in his living room post rowing from 7.35


Perhaps, but the engineer in me is uncomfortable with trying to make two wrongs add up to a right.


Adding wings is cruel


It’s your inner Serge. You must learn to deal with it.


Or even wrong. Very wrong.


I do, by buying lots of vinyl then actually playing Tidal most of the time. :smile:


Guy’s justifying adding distortion and you’re justifying laziness, yes?

Shall we call this one a draw?


I own two blank tapes, one pre recorded and two tape machines, neither of which I have the faintest how to use. I feel fulfilled and yet somehow shallow.


I’ve been working on the Plymothian defense system that would be quite suitable for a duel. I think Lopwell would be a first class venue. I will of course be taking bets

Gentlemen choose your $3 weapon


Or if you have slightly more than $3 to spend on darts

And at 0:27 you get to see the sticker on the side showing who made it.



The Railgun is impressive, but for daily squabbles over butter, reels or stodge the Batchette is the tool of choice


There are loads of people who would be happy to give you a spare device that would stream it :kissing_heart:


Miffed after missing out on a nice direct drive player :slightly_frowning_face:

Plenty more little fishies though.


I was playing a few of the new (to me) tapes yesterday & mourning the fact that I can’t listen at that quality on any of the other sources I have. Vinyl, Radio, CD, streamed files even those few HiRes ones.

Like with Concorde it’s the slightly depressing realisation that we passed some kind of technological peak (both in terms of recording & playback quality) and have fallen away from it now. Maybe we’ll get there again but probably not in my lifetime. People would have to care enough.

It’s not to say that I can’t enjoy listening to music on those other sources. I can enjoy listening to music from the speaker in my phone or the tv in our kitchen. It’s just an observation about this particular form of media & its replay.


From what little I’ve heard I suspect that is true. I wonder how much of the effect derives from how little is lost transferring from final masters onto tape, versus the compressions and reductions required with other formats.

Producers and engineers have a LOT to answer for IMHO - none of it good…


I’am always surprised the artists don’t demand higher quality.
Pouring your heart and soul into an album that ends up sounding average must be frustrating


I suspect it’s because it’s expensive and complicated. Makes everything sound better.


Concorde, lol. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

The reality is that it’s not digital recording/playback that’s the problem.


I’ve always suspected that this is most of it.

The tragic thing is that CD as a medium offers the capacity and more than enough bandwidth to not require crushing levels of limiting and compression, but the industry and consumers seem complicit in destroying lots of artists work.