Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Right, on to Israel and Palestine now. Then knocking off early for a Friday pint.


Well would you mind turning them off please. There are people trying to get to sleep here.



I has bought this -

Oz psych rock for those not familiar. Released Dec 17.


2 track or 4?


Fuck knows for sure, but think it will be 4 track. It was originally going to be 15ips 1/4 Tape but I think they realised this was likely to be heard by only a handful of people and so ‘compromised’ to 7.5ips.

They’re quite keen on all analogue by the looks of it -


Interesting article, they’re nuts. I’m quite intrigued to learn how they recorded an album on to VHS as I always thought that involved ADC for recording and DAC for playback?


We used a VHS based recorder made by Racal for lawful interception stuff in the early 90’s which was analogue based rather than digital (think it used to do up to 64x simultaneous phone lines)


Ah, ok. Maybe I was thinking of the PCM machines designed for audio only.


If it was this machine, it seems that even that was digital

The Racal Storeplex features up to 64 independent channels and can be used to record digital channels up to 12.8 Mbit/s. The Digital channels have 16-bit sampling technology to achieve a 96dB dynamic range



Have bought one of these -

Sony TC 765

Wanted a DD Akai 635 but missed out. The Sony is a proper tank though and has a great rep amongst tape enthusiasts.


I better post your tapes back! pm me the address.


No worries Guy, I’ve got a few here so there’s no rush if you’re still enjoying them.


Spec looks noticeably better than my Teac. I’ll look forward to hearing it.

You may need to add hiss for it to sound any good.


Is this the SR71 equivalent?


This look like identical control buttons to the Elcaset - It does not surprise me it’s got good rep.


This page

says 27kg. How on earth did they manage that?

Plutonium chassis?


Perhaps @coco was on the design team?


Toshiba to release Hi Res Cassette tape!



Need to get some James Bond soundtracks on tapes.