Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss



I had been looking at that middle one.


Just an orchestra doing bond though.


You need a micro pocket nagra, a flick knife in your welly with poison curd tip and a car that fires miffins from its exhaust


Yes, but on the instrumental stuff I’d expect it to be near enough. I’ll keep an eye out for OSTs.


People that film everything in portrait orientation need beating to death with their own torn-off leg.


I look at my Revox PR99 Mk3 and I am happy knowing it will work should I ever use it. :sunglasses:

Stellovox on the other hand will likely not work and will have no spares. :thinking:


Sony R2R safely in back of car and now heading home :+1:


Sadly it needs a thorough service. Heads are okay and plays through the headphone output, but one output channel isn’t working and it hums a bit.

Still it will be a good machine once it’s sorted.


Had another look at the akai when guy was over the other day. Fuses were ok, still dead though. Packing it off for a proper faffing next week.
Faff and expense with the promise of pleasure… I have the curious feeling i’ve been this way before - yay!


Mine is fucked too. I think a working and trouble free reel to reel player would be very boring and soon lose appeal. Much better to listen to half a channel 15db down with the eq all over the place and imagine how good it could sound.


It’s like vinyl, raised all in


A friend of mine is a psychotherapist. I told him about my alter ego mr mws and his fantasises that never reach completion. He asked about erectile distinction and then asked if there is another area of life i feel constantly frustrated or thwarted ? I was about to tell him about my 12 year speaker woe but thought better of it, besides you can’t trust a man who’s profession is titled


imma go ahead and assume you meant that


King Gizard and the Lizard Wizard reel Tape has arrived :slightly_smiling_face:

Suitably homemade, they’ve taped over something on a used reel and stuck a paper home printed cover on the front.

I can’t play it at the moment but it obviously sounds sublime :joy:


any indication of 2T or 4T?


They couldn’t have thought so - they only gave it ten out of twenty two :thinking:


Gotta be 4 track :pray:



Get laid, buy a R2R, chicks love ‘em.