Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Me and baby brother was a favourite of many a London club in the 70s




Indeed,police called


Thank the lord for that.


Just saw this for sale at the Ham Fair. Vinyl.


Condition/ How much?


I only had a glance but the cover looked better than David Bowie’s Starman? £10 ballpark price.


Sony R2R is having its tatty veneer cheeks replaced with oak a bit like this one -



Working my way through the new tapes. All good so far but the Booker T at 7.5 IPS is exceptional. A shame all these albums weren’t released that way. Would have required twice as much tape but otherwise all win.


Excellent, I’ll bring the Booker T album on LP and I’ll sit with envy as you play the tape :tired_face:

How much did you manage to snipe it for?


Great :unamused:


Would’ve needed 4x the tape for Yes and ELP albums. We can count ourselves lucky.


Yes are shit, ELP are brilliant.




Fuck me you’re wrong :face_vomiting:


I could be wrong, but I’m not without standards! :slight_smile:


They’re both shit.


Both shite.


Fuck ! I truly hate you lot.


Peasants, all of you !