Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


I haven’t met him. I just spoke on the phone with him when I bought the Teac from him. But he seems to know his way around these machines & certainly the Teac seems to work exactly as it should.

It’ll be interesting to hear what the charges are like as Matt’s Akai 625 may also need to pay a visit there.


damned once more


Mmm kay I smell burning


Did you try some of that Ampex 20/20? :grinning:


Two R2Rs dropped off at Vintagetech - yessssss.

Even better, he reckons that both should be ready in time for Lopwell, even the Sony but will believe that once he’s opened her up.


7 hour round trip so plenty of faff to rejoice in. Expense to come.



Half that trip was spent in private therapy consultation.


Invoice already in the post :wink:


By some strange quirk of timing my wife sent me a text this afternoon about her pay rise and bonus.

As a crown servant I do not understand these therms.
I think I need some of these things because reasons.



Have you been to the dentist this afternoon, or perhaps you are on the sauce a bit earlier than usual for a member of this place…


Mate, he said he’s a crown servant!




I jest.


I know…:grimacing:



It was you!

Looking forward to hearing it.


Heh, now stop bidding up stuff I wanna buy :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously we ought to let each other know in advance and divvy these up.


That tape had already been through one auction with no bids. I forgot it was ending.

I really don’t know WAR but tried some on Youtube & it did seem promising.


I like War and have many of their LPs. It’s full of decent tracks particularly ‘slipping into darkness’ and ‘me and baby brother’.

We’ve got enough tape decks between us to produce decent copies :slightly_smiling_face: